Let’s discover the history of socks:

The history of socks is very old, many people use to ask Why is a sock called a sock? And many people are curious about the history of this small footwear. Firstly, what the socks are? The socks are a piece of comfort cloth, which is shaped in the form of feet and they are worn by people under the shoes. Many people wore them in formal gatherings, many people wore them on a habitual basis and there are a variety of socks present in the market and they are types of socks like fancy socks with beautiful designs, and casual socks too.

The history of socks is derived from Romans, like the word sock is derived from the loose-fitting slipper called a soccus in Latin, this slipper was worn by Roman comic actors in the past. After this, in the 8th century, the ancient Greeks were used to wearing socks made from matted animal hair for warmth. Those Romans use to cover their feet with leather or woven fabrics, for protecting their feet from all the hard things present in the surroundings or securing feet from the harshness of weather.  In the 5th century, another evolution in the history of socks came, the socks were worn by holy people and these socks were the sign of purity. In 1000AD socks were also remained the symbol of wealth and sign of nobility among the people.

The pair of cloth socks were discovered from the Nile in Egypt, which was dating from 300-500AD. That pair is still available, and showpiece at the London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The most amazing fact about these socks is, the Sock city is present in the People’s Republic of China. This town produces 8billion pairs of sock by year and they represent the third of the world’s sock production.